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GalfeTech Engineering Company Ltd is a fastest growing firm in the field of Generators, parts sales and services with a wide range of solutions for the Tanzanian Market. We offer design and Installation of:-

Electrical Changeover Switches:

This includes manual changeover and automatic changeover for small and big Generators for Small Office, Home, Enterprise, Campus and Metropolitan Areas. It covers from the designing, implementation and commissioning.

Digital Master Control:

This Include installation of DMC1000 (Digital Master Control) and Generators synchronization in different buildings.

Generator Sales:

This Include Load Study, Site Survey that Determine the size of cable & cable length, position of Changeover and Generator.

Generator Services:

In generators services Power General deals with both contract and Non contract customers and both are given the same value:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Fuel filter change
  • Lube Oil filter change,
  • Air cleaner change,
  • Engine Oil change,
  • Coolant change,
  • Radiator cleaning,
  • General generator cleaning.
  • Breakdown
  • We attend both Breakdowns for contracts and Non contracts Customers at any time. Because some of our technician will be call on duties, for any of your generator and Networking system Trouble, contact us and our technical Engineer will come to solve your problem instantly.
  • Spare Parts
  • GalfeTech Engineering CompanyLtdwe provide genuine spare parts for Cummins,ListerPeter,Yanmer,Mahindra and Perkins Generators our spare parts brought
  • from Kenya, UK, India and Belgium.




Realizing the complexity of a Telecom operator’s environment, we had developed an extinct portfolio of OSS solutions for telecom operators in the region. We have developed experiences over the years based on the network monitoring for signaling networks for all the technologies like GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SIGTRAN, and VoIP in addition to active testing solution to ensure that new services and voice/content delivery are to the subscriber satisfaction. We provide a wide range of innovative fully integrated OSS that includes solutions for Network performance & Troubleshooting, Quality of Service (QoS) Management, Lawful Interception and Data Retention, Service Fulfillment, Mobile Number

Portability, Network Infrastructure Management System and Network

Management Systems


Under today’s tough competition, many operators are increasingly focusing on profitability and margin rather than absolute growth and revenues. With very thin margins any possible leakage of revenue or loss in returns will have a clear effect on the operators’ financial health. Revenue assurance and fraud management systems became one of the critical systems that the operator considers to secure its profitability

Management, Billing and Customer Care


GalfeTech portfolio of Tanzania solutions helps you take control of your resources. By giving you tools to troubleshoot problems, adapt quickly to change, and keep your data secure, our solutions ensure that business-critical data and services are delivered on time, all the time. Solutions for business, service, resource, as well as solutions specific to an industry’s needs, let you align your company’s people, processes, and technology to contribute to an Adaptive Management environment. As the leading, intelligent system integrator for heterogeneous networking environments we provide integration solutions for Broadband Wireless, WiMax, Data Networking, Network Management, Videoconference, Interactive Distance Learning and Surveillance Solutions.

  • GalfeTech delivers integrated solutions for a range of different market sectors including airports, monuments, city centers, rail, high-ways and retail operations, commercial and industrial market. These are supported by a portfolio of high-value services that we can provide, including Professional Services and on-going Management Services. We offer comprehensive package of tools for all business sectors that effectively meet business performance expectations. We master the function of bringing together all your needs from hardware, software, and networks to implement information technology solutions that solves your business problems. GalfeTech diversified solutions and services fulfill the various needs of corporations and telecom operators. Each of our solutions has been developed with an eye on increasing end user revenue, enhancing satisfaction, and providing a real competitive edge to our customers. Our technical expertise, vast experience, and knowledge of networks and telecommunications, ensure that all diversified applications operate smoothly together as one total solution. Today’s enterprise infrastructure has grown and has become increasingly complicated. Networks need to support employees, customers, partners and suppliers all over the world. Usage requirements range from secure access for telecommuters and road warriors to supporting remote agents in outsourced call centers. GalfeTech translates its expertise and experience into best practices and operational procedures, guaranteeing state-of-the art network architectures in support of your business. Every day, our specialists challenge legacy industry practices for ways to improve the value created by network infrastructure by exploring ways to create new revenue and reduce cost
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY Making faster and better business decisions require access to vital data in all types of situations. GalfeTech Suite of Wireless Connectivity Solutions including WiMax, Pre-WiMax, WiFi and Microwave, delivers an unmatched combination of range, capacity, security, and reliability, even in very challenging environments. Best-in-class data rates and spectral efficiencies conserve valuable spectrum and reduce the costs of providing high-performance access. GalfeTech engineering Solutions for wireless connectivity deliver characteristically robust, extreme-distance/high-bandwidth performance. With built-in security encryption, at speeds of up to 90 Mb/sec, our solutions can be used to transmit signals as far as 100 Km. GalfeTech engineering offers point-to-multipoint wireless access solutions, enabling broadband access to homes and businesses; we provide broadband access in remote regions where basic voice or broadband access using fixed line service is not economically feasible. Our Solutions can also be used to provide backhaul in cellular networks.
  • SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS (VSAT) GalfeTech engineering had built an outstanding array of innovative solutions and services over satellite through a range of established technologies. We’ve made reliability a top priority by offering field proven systems with sophisticated techniques to keep your operation up and running. That’s why top companies in such industries as banking, construction, tourism, petroleum and mining have made GalfeTech engineering the leading provider of choice, even in the most remote location. We provides affordable, dependable, high quality, satellite based solutions that delivers Internet services right to your desktop. With our quality products we can help you increase productivity, keep your communications costs lower and get in touch with your remote operations, anywhere in the world

  • GalfeTech utilizes Satellite Solution (Vsat) capacity,

backbone and voice gateway – all augmented by

global partnerships.

        GalfeTech uses Waving Wireless Networks (Salvation) for Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure network stability.

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